Add Remove Colons In WWPN WWN and VNX LUN UUID

Colon adders help you to add or remove colons in WWNN, WWPN, VNX LUNs UUID, and even mac address. If you have a bulk number of WWPN or VNX LUN UUID, instead of inserting colons manually, you can use this tool.

Just copy and paste and click submit, colon adders will add colons to WWPN after every second position.

Add Colons Remove Colons
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Add Remove Colons WWPN

Add Remove Colons To WWPN LUN UUID

WWPN is the unique 64-bit-address assigned to FC ports. It is useful to identify a device in the SAN network. A storage admin uses WWPN to check the host connectivity in the SAN switch.

Check Mixed Storage Units Convertor.

In SAN switch, the WWPN and WWNN have colons after every second position. When you get the WWPN from the host admin it does not contain any colons. Hence, before you check the connectivity in the SAN switch you need to add colons.

If you have multiple numbers of WWPN, then it is tedious and time-consuming to add colons to each WWPN. Hence, you can use the colon adders to add colons to WWPN.

You can also change the WWPN into lowercase or uppercase. Additionally, there is an option to export the result into a text file.

Command To Check Brocade WWPN Connectivity

Nodefind command in brocade SAN switch is useful to find connectivity status of a new WWPN. If the NodeFind command gives an output of no result found, then there is no proper connection between switch and host.

Once you add the colons to WWPN, you can click on the nodefind checkbox. It will add the nodefind keyword to every WWPN.

Brocade NodeFind Command

Command To Check Cisco WWPN Connectivity

In cisco SAN switch, to check a WWPN connectivity, you can use "show fcns" or "show flogi" commands. If you want to check if WWPN connectivity status fro entire fabric, then use show fcns. For a particular Cisco SAN switch, you can use show flogi commands to check the connectivity status.

In our tool you can just click on the fcns or flogi check box and command will be generated automatically.

Cisco SAN Switch WWPN Connectivity Status

Add Remove Colons VNX LUN UUID

VNX LUN has a unique is 128-bit address called UUID. Storage admin should always use LUN UUID to find LUNs in VNX storage. It helps in avoiding human error while doing LUN reclamation.

On the host side, VNX UUID does not have any colons, but to find a LUN in VNX storage, colons are a must.

To save time you can use the above tool to add or remove colons in VNX UUID. The tool is helpful when you have a bulk amount of LUN UUID.

Sometimes, you may need to remove colons from LUN UUID. You can also use a colon adder to remove colons from LUN UUID.

In order to generate VNX storage allocation commands check this post.


Tough colon adder is primarily for system admins, you can use it for general-purpose as well.

Anything that has colon and you want to remove them in bulk, colon adder is the best tool for it.

Please let me know in the comment section, if you need any additional function and I will try to add them.

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