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The mixed storage size converter can convert multiple storage sizes having different units to a specific storage unit. For example, if you have mixed storage size such as 1PB, 1TB, 1GB, 1MB and want to convert all of them to KB, then a mixed storage size converter is the best.

Below is an demo example of this tool.

Different Storage Size To Specific Size Conversion
Different Storage Size To Specific Size Conversion

How To Use Mixed Storage Size Converter

Tough the Mixed Storage Size converter is easy to use, still lets see the detailed steps to use this.

First, at the left-hand text box, type different storage sizes, including the units such as PB, TB, GB, MB, KB, and Bytes. Below is a sample format that is acceptable.


The second step is to select the target storage size, in this example, let's convert all above different storage sizes to GB. Hence, select the radio button with options GB.

The moment you select GB, the results will appear at the right-hand text box as below.


To get the output in different storage size just click another radio button and the results will appear accordingly.

You may see a lot of zeros in output, that because this tool converts storage sizes up to a precision 8 decimal point to provide accurate results.

Additionally, you get an option to export the result to a text file by clicking on the button "Export Results".

The mixed storage size converter also shows the total storage capacity of the output.

Storage Size Conversion Table

The tool is based on simple calculation and the below table represents the same.

Below is the storage size conversion table from PB to different storage units and TB to different storage units.

PB to Different Storage Conversion Table
TB to Different Storage Conversion Table


Mixed storage units converter to specific units is a quicker way to get a complex conversion. you can use this tool to get the total capacity in case you have storage sizes of different units.

I Hope, you like this tool and it will be useful for your day to day storage size conversion.

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If you found any bug or for any suggestion to improve this tool, then feel free to contact us.

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