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Free AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps Online Practice Test. If you are preparing for the AWS SAA-C002 certification exam, then you must take this online practice test.

AWS is one of the leading cloud providers. AWS SAA-C002 is the entry-level certification exam. Their certification exam can give you ample opportunities in your career.

You need a minimum of 72% score to pass the AWS solution architect certification exam.

The online test consists of the most probable question that may appear in your certification exam. At the end of the AWS online test, you can get the answers to all questions along with the results.

We strongly suggest taking any online courses for AWS before appearing in the exam. Udemy is the best place to get started along with YouTube tutorials.

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Free AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps Online Test

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A three-tier application is being created to host small news articles. The application is expected to serve millions of users. When breaking news occurs, the site must handle very large spikes in traffic without significantly impacting database performance. Which design meets these requirements while minimizing costs?

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A solutions architect is designing a new service behind Amazon API Gateway. The request patterns for the service will be unpredictable and can change suddenly from 0 requests to over 500 per second. The total size of the data that needs to be persisted in a backend database is currently less than 1 GB with unpredictable future growth Data can be queried using simple key-value requests. Which combination of AWS services would meet these requirements? (Select TWO )

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A company currently operates a web application backed by an Amazon RDS MySQL database. It has automated backups that are run daily and are not encrypted. A security audit requires future backups to be encrypted and the unencrypted backups to be destroyed. The company will make at least one encrypted backup before destroying the old backups What should be done to enable encryption for future backups?

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A solutions architect is deploying a distributed database on multiple Amazon EC2 instances. The database stores all data on multiple instances so it can withstand the loss of an instance. The database requires block storage with latency and throughput to support several million transactions per second per server. Which storage solution should the solutions architect use?

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A company has been storing analytics data in an Amazon RDS instance for the past few years. The company asked a solutions architect to find a solution that allows users to access this data using an API. The expectation is that the application will experience periods of inactivity but could receive bursts of traffic within seconds. Which solution should the solutions architect suggest?

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A company is managing health records on-premises. The company must keep these records indefinitely, disable any modifications to the records once they are stored, and granularly audit access at all levels. The chief technology officer (CTO) is concerned because there are already millions of records not being used by any application, and the current infrastructure is running out of space. The CTO has requested a solutions architect to design a solution to move existing data and support future records. Which services can the solutions architect recommend to meet these requirements?

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A company’s web application is using multiple Linux Amazon EC2 instances and storing data on Amazon EBS volumes. The company is looking for a solution to increase the resiliency of the application in case of a failure and to provide storage that complies with atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID). What should a solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

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A company has a multi-tier application that runs six front-end web servers in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group in a single Availability Zone behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). A solutions architect needs to modify the infrastructure to be highly available without modifying the application. Which architecture should the solutions architect choose that provides high availability?

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A client reports that they want to see an audit log of any changes made to AWS resources in their account. What can the client do to achieve this

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A solutions architect needs to design a managed storage solution for a company’s application that includes high-performance machine learning, This application runs on AWS Fargate and the connected storage needs to have concurrent access to files and deliver high performance. Which storage option should the solutions architect recommend?

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A bicycle-sharing company is developing a multi-tier architecture to track the location of its bicycles during peak operating hours. The company wants to use these data points in its existing analytics platform A solutions architect must determine the most viable multi-tier option to support this architecture. The data points must be accessible from the REST API. Which action meets these requirements for storing and retrieving location data?

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A solutions architect is designing a web application that will run on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The company strictly requires that the application be resilient against malicious internet activity and attacks, and protect against new common vulnerabilities and exposures. What should the solutions architect recommend?

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During a review of business applications, a Solutions Architect identifies a critical application with a relational database that was built by a business user and is running on the user’s desktop. To reduce the risk of a business interruption, the Solutions Architect wants to migrate the application to a highly available, multi-tiered solution in AWS. What should the Solutions Architect do to accomplish this with the LEAST amount of disruption to the business?

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A company has an application that calls AWS Lambda functions. A recent code review found database credentials stored in the source code. The database credentials need to be removed from the Lambda source code. The credentials must then be securely stored and rotated on an ongoing basis to meet security policy requirements. What should a solutions architect recommend to meet these requirements?

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A company has thousands of files stored in an Amazon S3 bucket that has a well-defined access pattern. The files are accessed by an application multiple times a day for the first 30 days. Files are rarely accessed within the next 90 days. After that, the files are never accessed again. During the first 120 days, accessing these files should never take more than a few seconds. Which lifecycle policy should be used for the S3 objects to minimize costs based on the access pattern?

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A solutions architect needs to ensure that API calls to Amazon DynamoDB from Amazon EC2 instances in a VPC do not traverse the internet. What should the solutions architect do to accomplish this? (Select TWO )

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A solutions architect needs the static website within an Amazon S3 bucket. Which action will accomplish this?

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A company runs an internal browser-based application The application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer. The instances run in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. The Auto Scaling group scales up to 20 instances during work hours but scales down to 2 instances overnight Staff is complaining that the application is very slow when the day begins, although it runs well by mid-morning.

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An application running in a private subnet accesses an Amazon DynamoDB table. There is a security requirement that the data never leave the AWS network. How should this requirement be met?

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A solutions architect is designing a solution to access a catalog of images and provide users with the ability to submit requests to customize images. Image customization parameters will be in any request sent to an AWS API Gateway API. The customized image will be generated on demand, and users will receive a link they can click to view or download their customized images. The solution must be highly available for viewing and customizing images. What is the MOST cost-effective solution to meet these requirements?

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