VNX Storage Allocation Naviseccli Commands Generator

Just type the values and VNX Storage Allocation Naviseccli Commands Generator will generate the commands automatically.

Number of LUNs Size Storage Pool Auto Assign Select SP

Create Storage Group

Naviseccli is a tool that you can download from the EMC site and install it to connect to any VNX storage.

You can use the above tool for automating your VNX storage allocation. It is capable of generating Naviseccli commands for creating multiple VNX LUNs of the same and different sizes. You can create commands for adding the same LUNs and hosts to the storage group.

For adding or removing LUNs from storage group check out this tool.

VNX Storage Allocation Naviseccli Commands Generator

First, you need to give a SPA or SPB IP address and provide the authentication method. The default authentication method is Global. However, if you use LDAP authentication, then select LDAP. In case you use a local account then select the option Local.

Next, select the type of LUN, thin or non-thin. The default value is set as thin.

In the next line, type the number of LUNs you want to create and provide a size. Make sure to give the storage pool name. If you select more than one number of LUNs, then the tool will generate commands for multiple LUNs of the same sizes.

To check all storage pools in VNX use below naviseccli command.

naviseccli -h SPIP -user user -password pwd -scope 0 storagepool -list -all

You can use the add button, to create more LUNs of different sizes, on different storage pools with different configurations.

The next option is to select the starting LUN number. You can give any number and the LUNs commands will include the LUN number starting from the specified LUN. You can leave the LUN prefix blank to create the LUN with the default name.

If you keep it unchecked then while executing the commands, the next available number will be assigned to the LUN.

Naviseccli Commands To Create VNX Storage Group

You can also use this tool to generate commands to create a VNX storage group as well. Click the check box, create a storage group, and give a storage group name.

You will be able to see more options after selecting the option to create a storage group.

Now to generate the command for assigning LUNs to the storage group, click on assign LUNs to storage. You can leave the HLU as it is if there is no existing LUN in the storage group. In case you have any existing LUNs in the storage group, then you must specify the next available HLU number.

Below Naviseccli commands show the LUN, ALU, and HLU details in a storage group.

naviseccli -h SPIP -user user -password pwd -scope 0 storagegroup -list -gname Prod

You also have an option to assign a host to the storage group. However, before executing the command you must perform the zoning between the VNX front-end port and host HBA ports.

Zoning in Brocade Switch
Zoning in Cisco Switch

If you have different LUN numbers then uncheck the starting LUN number and you will get a text area to provide LUN numbers.

Once you select all options, then click on the generate command and Naviseccli commands for storage provisioning will appear in a text box.

You will also get an option to download all commands in a text file.


I Hope, VNX Storage Allocation Naviseccli Commands Generator tool will be helpful to you. If you have any suggestions to improve this or if you find any bugs while using it, feel free to comment.