How To Recover Deleted Volume In Netapp Cluster Mode

In this post, we will see how we can recover a deleted volume in the NetApp cluster mode. This feature is available in Data Ontap 8.3 and in the later versions.

If you delete a volume and this feature is available, then you can recover it within a certain period of time.

How To Recover Deleted Volumes NetApp Cluster Mode
How To Recover Deleted Volumes NetApp Cluster Mode

Step 1. Check Volume Recovery Feature In SVM

First, you need to check if the volume recovery feature is available for an SVM. Execute the below command to see the current status of volume recovery for an SVM.

vserver show -fields volume-delete-retention-hours -vserver vs1

Step 2. Enable Volume Recovery Feature

The value under volume-delete-retention-hours indicates the retention period of volumes in an SVM. If its none then the feature is not available. To enable the feature to execute the below command.

vserver modify -volume-delete-retention-hours 8 -vserver vs1

The above command will set the retention period of 8 hours for all volumes. However, you can increase the extension period by 48 hours.

Note that this feature will be available for volumes that you are going to delete. If you have already deleted a volume then this feature will not recover those volumes.

Step 3. Recover Deleted Volume In SVM

Now if you delete a volume then the volume will move to a pending state. You can view those volumes in the recovery queue. Execute the below command to see volumes under-recovery queue.

volume recovery-queue show -vserver vs1

You can only recover volumes that are in the recovery queue. The below command will recover the volume from the recovery queue.

volume recovery-queue recover -vserver vs1 -volume vv4_1033

Step 5. Access Data Post Volume Recovery

After recovering a volume you must follow the below steps to access the data.

  1. Rename the volume running the volume rename command.
  2. Set up a junction path by running the volume mount command.
  3. Create mappings for LUNs in the volume, run the LUN map command.
  4. Associate a snapshot policy and an export policy with the volume.
  5. Add new quota policy rules for the volume, with the quota policy rule command.
  6. Add a QoS policy for the volume, run the volume modify command.

Recover Deleted Volume Video Tutorial

If the above steps were not helpful then you can watch below YouTube videos with a detail explanation.

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