How To Create NFS Share In SVM NetApp Cluster Mode

In this particular blog, we will discuss how to create an NFS share in SVM NetApp cluster mode. NFS share is used in the UNIX server to store data so that Unix users can perform various data operations. NFS Share in NetApp cluster mode belongs to an SVM.

How To Create NFS share in NetApp Cluster Mode.
How To Create NFS share in NetApp Cluster-Mode.

Steps To Create NFS Share In NetApp Cluster Mode

There are four steps to create NFS share in SVM Netapp Cluster-Mode. The first step is to create volume with security style Unix. The second step is to create an export policy. The third step is to create a rule Under export policy.

The fourth step is to assign the newly created export policy to the volume. In this post, we will create an NFS share by using the command line approach.

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Step 1. Create A Volume With Security Style Unix

The following command will create a volume with a security style Unix of the size of 30 MB. SVM name is vs1 and volume name is share1 the junction-path is /share1.

vol create -vserver vs1 -volume share1 -aggregate data_aggr01 -junction-path /share1 -size 30MB

Step 2 Create An Export Policy In SVM

The export policy is basically is a combination of rules. These rules contain UNIX servers that need mounting permission. The below command will create an export policy with name share1 in SVM  vs1.

vserver export-policy create -vserver vs1 -policyname share1

Step 3 Create A Rule Under Export Policy

A rule in export policy contains the information about the UNIX servers that permission to mount. It can contain UNIX server name, IP address, NFS version, and superuser permission.

Below command creates a rule under export policy share1.

vserver export-policy rule create -vserver vs1 -policyname share1 -protocol any -clientmatch -rorule any -rwrule any -superuser any

Step 4: Assign The Export Policy To The Volume Share1

Finally, we need to modify the volume’s export policy from default to the newly created export policy. We can do that by executing the below command.

volume modify -vserver vs1 -volume share1 -policy share1

We have completed all the steps from the Netapp end. Now we should give IP address or FQDN of SVM LIF and the junction path of the volume to Unix administrator.

They will use this information to mount the NFS Share. We need to provide the details in below format.

This concludes the discussion on how to create an NFS share in SVM NetApp cluster mode. If you have any doubt or any knowledge to share please comment don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to share this blog as well.

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